A tastefully walk on the local cobbles

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Ciottolando con gusto is a repeated success since years. It offers the participants strolling news for the cookering lovers, typical local dishes, music and unique, relaxed, magical atmosphere, so to enjoy together the last notes of summer.

This edition we purpose two different gastronomic paths. The “cobblewalkers”can choose if to do the Ciottolando Giardini dei Sapori” (garden of flavors) and “Ciottolando Gourmet”.



Invites you into different gardens in the central points of our city.
We receive the partecipants into the Castle to the “Fook” (“La Forchetta nel Castello”). Local chefs create original dishes with a wide range of local products. This all in a very easy atmosphere.
We even expect you into the “Wine Village”.Here you may taste local wines in combine with typical specialities. You can relax in comfortable bean bags (Xpouf) and come under the spell of live music and happy atmosphere.
This two locations are accessible on Saturday 23th from 12 am until 10 pm on Sunday 24th from 11 am until 8 pm.




Il “Ciottolando Gourmet” this “Cobble walker”, the undisputed star of the event, visit many local restaurants that are able to surprise with appetizers, first platers, second dishes, desserts… combined with the right wines. Everyone decides to start eventually with the dessert or to end with the appetizers. The stages will be open from 12 am until 10 pm on Saturday 23th and from 11 am until 8
pm on Sunday 24th.

The ticket includes also the access to the “Giardino dei Sapori” into the castle and the wine garden.
The ticket costs € 50,00.


The partecipanti are entitled to a reduced fare on the cable way to the Monte Baldo, have free admission to the Castle, the fisher museum in Cassone, free use of the parking in town during the two days.



You’re invited to an unusual walk,
which time is beat by several stops in taverns.
The discovering of the most cherming spots in town,
interlaces with the traditional local gastronomy
and wines you’ll delight.”



Nicola Marchesini

Mayor of Malcesine

Nicola-Marchesini sindaco di malcesine


 Ciottolando 2017 - Anteprima a malcesine